For Kids

A really awesome math game!

Learning math facts has never been so dangerous! Medieval Math Battle is an epic turn based battle game where you’ll use your brain and brawn to defeat dragons, goblins, trolls, and many other treacherous beasts. The faster you answer, the stronger your attack. As an added bonus, you’ll get really fast at math facts, making math class a breeze. And the best part is, your parents and teachers will actually want you to play!

For Parents

A smart math game for smart children.

Memorizing math facts, for many children, can be overwhelming, frustrating, or just simply boring. With a smart system that actually learns your child’s current ability level and challenges them to improve, children are no longer overwhelmed or frustrated. And when learning math facts becomes the only way to save a medieval kingdom from total destruction, your child will be engaged, excited, and will step-up to the challenge and become the hero they are meant to be. Forget about flashcards - empower your child to succeed in math with Medieval Math Battle!

For Teachers

Hey teachers - got an iPad or two in your classroom?

Then show your students Medieval Math Battle - a safe, engaging, and smart math fact app that actually learns your students current ability level and challenges them to improve. Want them to practice their math facts as homework? Remind them to download Medieval Math Battle on any device at home, and tell them to play a game for homework tonight! Take a break from flashcards and worksheets - and have your students play Medieval Math Battle.

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Dish Break

Finger tapping & dish smashing.
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Frog on Ice

A super cool, frog-slinging adventure.
Medieval Math Battle

Medieval Math Battle

Math has never been so dangerous.