Frog on Ice is a super cool, frog slinging, side scrolling adventure game!

Jump, swing and fly across dangerous pits, falling platforms and other such hazards. Battle five bosses to reign supreme & thwart the evil Ice Wizard's plans.

Plop, a daring frog full of adventure, discovers his world’s been frozen by the evil Ice Wizard and must get through five levels of ice-cold enemies to defeat this foe and transform his home back into a tropical paradise. Slide across ice, grab onto icicles, and attack enemies, all while collecting coins and power-ups. Avoid falling into the freezing water and dodge attacks from the Ice Wizard’s henchmen, or Plop will face a cold, bitter end.

How to Play:

  • To get started, just go through training on the home screen. Here you’sll get practice with the unique controls, and be rewarded with over 300 coins to use in the game store. As an added bonus, Plop will be equipped with a full wardrobe of power-ups. You’sll be hopping along in no time!
  • Hold your device with both hands– left hand for the jump button, right hand to guide Plop, attack enemies, and collect treasure.
  • Tap where you want Plop to go, and tap the enemy to attack.
  • Break icy rocks to unlock coins and power-ups.
  • Hit the game store at any time (even during a boss battle) to replenish health and other supplies.
  • Plop will slide as fast as you tap; for slower game play, tap slowly.

Game Highlights:

  • Unique game play – fling a frog by his tongue!
  • Bright graphics
  • Retro adventure game
  • Complex levels with unique end bosses
  • Super cute, playful characters with a touch of malevolence
  • Collect coins, health, and power ups
  • Use coins for in–game supplies
  • Great game for kids, teens, and adults – something the whole family can enjoy!

    Power Ups (give Plop super powers!):

  • Goggles - Once equipped with a pair of goggles, Plop becomes atomic. Tap Plop to release a destructive blast
  • Golden Gloves – Put on this pair of gloves and coins will magnetically attract to Plop as he slides near them.
  • Sneakers - Sporting a pair of sneakers gives Plop the ability to double jump his way out of slippery situations.
  • Cape – Turn Plop into a caped crusader. Hold down the jump button to fly.

Chill out with Frog on Ice – the coolest game for mobile!

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